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Welcome to the blog!

Hi there, friend!

Welcome to the new blog!!!

Tea with Dr. E and Dr. Z has been on the back burner for a long time, and KE Creative is excited to finally bring it to life.

I'm Katherine Emeneth, and I'm a flutist, music educator, musician coach, and biggest cheerleader of private lesson studio teaching there ever was.

After a long and windy path towards becoming a full time professor at a university, I decided to take my life into my own hands and create the world's coolest flute studio for youngsters.

And, while I was at it, I wanted to teach other musicians to do the same. I've now worked with over 200 musicians who have learned how to create their own studio, their own ensemble, or their own path in music.


I also love to write. Is my nerd showing? 🤓

This blog will be a place for me and "Dr. Z" to share some more in depth thoughts about being a classical musician in today's world, how to start a private music studio, how to teach lessons, and general things about being an entrepreneurial musician.

Joining me is my friend, colleague, and fellow writing nerd, Dr. Laura Zabanal (aka Dr. Z). She'll introduce herself in a later post, but just know she has the best puns around. Prepare yourself to be amazed.

If you have any questions or topics you'd like for us to write about, we're all ears. Just jot something down in the comments below.

Thanks for being here, and I hope you'll like our tea! 🫖

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