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The Original Course: Music Teacher's Playbook

This 14 week program is a deep dive into building, recruiting, maintaining, and elevating your private studio. Through weekly video calls, group coaching, and weekly assignments, you'll learn the skills of what it takes to run your own successful business or elevate what you've already accomplished.

This course is only available late spring through early fall. 

Flute Roots

A starter course for new teachers or current teachers about basic pedagogical practices for starting beginner flutists. Everything from the correct way to teach embouchure to how start students using vibrato is covered. 

Open for registration NOW!

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The Music Studio Camp Playbook

Ever wanted to run a summer studio camp for your students but became overwhelmed at the thought of starting such an endeavor?
This 6 week mini-course will take you through ever step of how to book a location for your camp, get your students excited about attending, set pricing, hire staff and faculty, and make some serious summertime money.


Enrollment is now closed! It'll be back soon!


Marketing for Music Teachers

Marketing, that is a scary word. But don't let that fear hold you back from growing your studio, making connecting, and creating the private teacher life you always wanted!


In Marketing for Music Teachers you will learn how I grew my studio from nothing to completely full with a waiting list.


This self guided course is the perfect way to get you over the market hurdle and start getting students.

M School

Feeling stuck in your music career? Have amazing ideas but unsure how to get them off the ground? Need guidance on your next steps?

Well, M School is your solution to taking your career to the next level! This 14-weeks program  online learning program for musicians who want to learn real-life skills and take actionable steps to get creative ideas off the ground.

M School is so much more than just academics. What we’re offering is a new way of being that will empower you to confidently dream BIG and manifest your music career on your own terms.

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