Hey, Music Teachers!

Have you felt overwhelmed in the recent weeks and terrified of what is going to happen to your private teaching studio?

Are you constantly worried about what the next day will bring?

Do you wonder how you can even start or grow your studio during these uncertain times?

If you answered 'YES' to those questions, I have a solution for you.


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A bit of history...

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I developed the original Music Teacher's Playbook in 2018. This course has helped HUNDREDS of music teachers expand their private teaching studios, increase their income, and revolutionize their teaching.

For the 2020 edition, I recognize the need many teachers have to learn how to move their lessons online, retain students, recruit students, and navigate creative solutions for online music learning.

To that end, I have INCREASED the amount of information in this course to include online training, recruiting, and sustaining practices AS WELL AS all of the original information and tools for in person teaching.

It is my hope that this new format will help even more musicians and educators thrive during this difficult time. Who knows how long we'll have to be online. It's time to be prepared to do this for a while.

The Music Teacher's Playbook is Effective

For a Reason

MTP is an online course for private music teachers for all woodwind, brass, percussion, and string instrumental teachers. We will meet once a week for 1-2 hours (don't worry...they'll be recorded if you can't make it!), use a forum for group conversations, and have weekly assignments that will be carefully reviewed and returned with edits giving you 1:1 feedback!

Throughout the 14 week course you will:
- Learn how to effectively establish a studio (online and in person)
- Charge what your services are worth
- Learn how to brand and market your studio online (imperative in this climate!)
- Elevate your current teaching
- And so much more!

I personally walk you through every. single. step. You have access to all of the course materials forever, and (my favorite part) you'll be added to a club of like-minded, studio building musicians who continue to support each other looooonnnnng after the course concludes!

Here's Why Playbook WORKS



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Many resources tell you what to do but don't teach you HOW TO THINK. Having the correct mindset about studio building online and in person is CRUCIAL because it allows you to adapt, create, and be authentic in everything you do. I've figured out a method to change you think so you can be as successful as possible.


You can purchase every single studio building book or attend every webinar about how to build a studio, and I guarantee that you won't see these results. Books don't tell you exactly what YOU need to do in YOUR current circumstances - where you live, who your competition is, identifying your community's specific needs, etc.  In MTP, I walk you through step by step of how to discover these things for yourself AND I help you develop your own individual materials like recruiting emails, website design and copy, overall studio branding vision, and more.


You have access to someone who knows what they're doing. That may sound silly, but it's true. I've lived it. I've built studios in 3 different locations. I've moved my whole studio online AND AM STILL RECRUITING NEW STUDENTS. I'm sharing my knowledge with you directly to help you as much as anyone possibly can.

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 "I learned more in this course than 6 years in college. It’s worth every penny.”

- Jessica Wise, Playbook 4
Image by Markus Spiske

Who's it For?

A recent music grad who is terrified about starting a private lessons studio

A studio teacher who is struggling making the move online

A teacher who is absolutely lost when it comes to how to use technology to recruit new students

Any woodwind, brass, percussion, or string instrumentalist wanting to grow a new studio or revolutionize their current studio

A teacher whose studio numbers have steadily declined in the past few years (or weeks)

An admittedly not-so-business-savvy musician interested in learning more about the business side of teaching


"As a teacher with twenty years experience, I am renewed, rejuvenated, and excited about the growth and development of my flute studio over the coming months. Katherine Emeneth is a wonderful teacher and mentor. She has a proven method to establish and grow a successful, happy, and thriving studio, no matter where you are."

- Anne Gordon, Playbook 1


A Sampling of What You'll Learn 

Why even the most talented musicians and music teachers struggle to build a thriving studio they absolutely love (and how to solve that problem once and for all - even if you have an existing studio)

How to create a compelling and magnetic platform that attracts the students you love teaching the most

A step-by-step method for creating bulletproof studio policies (for online and in person) that attract the right students and repel the wrong ones (samples and templates included!)

The #1 reason parents and students choose other music teachers to study with (even if you're the best player in town)

The most critical information and content to include on your studio website (if your website isn't selling FOR you while you're busy doing other things, you're losing money AND students)

 Why some studios are killing it and others are merely winging it (the secret to being magnetic in every way)

Proven methods for solving The Practicing Predicament (who wants to be plagued with students who show up unmotivated, apathetic and failing?!)

How and where to find and recruit "the good" students (nobody likes to admit this...and it's what we all want...and you can have it)


Specifically for Online Teaching...

  • Which platforms are best to use and how to change the audio settings (OMG!) (No one likes not being able to hear the high range of the instrument because of the automatic settings)

  • How to recruit students in your community and across the country/world (in times like these, it's time to cast that net all the way out)

  • How to deal with lesson cancellations  (do you keep the same policies or do they need to change for teaching online?)

  • How to set your prices so you can have a rock solid policy and fees ready to send

  • A list (with instructions of how to use them) of the very best online music education resources that are available so you don't have to keep digging and being overwhelmed with all of the options

  • Proven methods of easily transferring recitals, masterclasses, and camps online (gotta keep your students motivated!)

  • Templates of emails to send to prospective students and existing students to keep everyone on board

  • Tried and true methods for INCREASING your income in the online environment (it is possible, and I'm going to show you!)

  • The best ways to accept payment online (so you don't get hacked)

Plus, the absolute certainty of what you need to do day in and day out
to continue building and elevating your music studio so it thrives.

"During the course, I identified band directors that I want to build a relationship with, had positive contacts with them, confronted negative thoughts I had about myself, and went from zero students to NINE! If you are struggling with numbers, moved to a new city, or are waiting for students to come to you, this is the course for you. It will absolutely pay for itself."

- Erin Spencer, Playbook 4


Here's The Course Outline

Image by Laura Olsen

01. Pre-work

Not gonna lie. There's A LOT in this course. The first week is dedicated to compiling your materials, learning how the course will work, and getting you set up for success.

Upon enrolling in The Music Teacher's Playbook, you get access to this handy reference guide 
so you can dive right in and begin or refine transferring your studio online immediately.

A collection of methods and strategies I've created, implemented and used throughout my tenure as an "at capacity" flute teacher with energetic, happy and successful students - and a near constant waiting list of prospects. No need to guess what works when someone can show you the ropes up front.

I'm Katherine

I'm a musician who has always been a teacher, and I figured out a way to make teaching private music lessons a dream job for myself and others.

While working towards my doctorate in flute performance, I built a private flute studio to "practice" my teaching skills before landing the "dream job" as a full time flute professor. This was the third new studio I had built, so I was already a seasoned professional. After countless applications and interviews for higher ed positions, guess what happened.

No glory job.

Sound familiar?

Then, I woke up.

I realized I already had everything I wanted: I was teaching flute, playing flute, making a HIGHER INCOME than I would teaching at the university level, and I was my own boss.

I taught myself all the business skills I needed to make my studio GO. I rolled up my sleeves and made the lesson experience for my students and myself unbelievable. And now, I'm here to teach you how to do it too.

If you're unhappy in your job as a private music lessons teacher or want to create your own studio, I'm here to help you!