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I'm a private music teacher who needs some help running my business and problem solving.

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I'm a university professor who would like to have Katherine speak to my students about entrepreneurship, careers in music, or private studio development.

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I'm a college student or recent grad who is scared of entering the "real world" as a musician.

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I LOVE visiting university classes either in person or through the Internet. I think it's SO IMPORTANT that college students learn from people who are out in the field doing what they'll most likely be doing in a few years.

"Dr. Emeneth's presentation was so beneficial for not only my flute students, but the entire student body. She tailored her presentation to engage the variety of students in the room including performance majors, music education majors, and music minors. I highly recommend her class to every professor scheduling guest artists for their undergraduate students!"
- Dr. Mary Matthews, Assistant Professor of Flute, Tennessee Tech University

I offer a variety of topics for single presentations or a multi-day series.


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From Student to Savant

This one hour class shows university students the different skills they can acquire NOW while in school can help them for many years to come.

Topics covered include:

  • How to identify your niche early on

  • How to ease the transition from student to professional

  • How to lay the groundwork for your future

  • The basic business and communication skills ALL musicians need

  • The specific things you MUST do while still in school

...and much more!

Entrepreneurship 101

This one hour class uses real life examples of entrepreneurs in our industry and deconstructs how they were able to find their niche then profit. 

Topics covered include:

  • How to identify a profitable venture

  • Use the gifts you already have to do something different

  • How to find your clients and audience

  • The one thing all entrepreneurs do

  • The day to day life of what being an entrepreneur is like

...and much more!

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Studio Building 101

This two hour class presents my step-by-step guide of how to start a studio while in college and the foundations of starting a studio from scratch.

Topics covered include:

  • How to identify your connections

  • How to write professional emails that will get replies

  • The basics of setting rates

  • Finding a place to teach

  • Templates of lesson policies 

...and much more!

How to Start a Chamber Ensemble

This one hour class takes students through the steps of how to start a successful chamber ensemble and how to monetize it.

Topics covered include:

  • How to identify the right ensemble members

  • The importance of choosing the right audience

  • Repertoire choices

  • How to send a pitch email

  • What to do once you get booked

...and much more!


Some of the Universities I've Spoken At...

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