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Want a way for your students to reflect after their performance?

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Check out the Post-Concert Think Sheet!

The performance is over, but that doesn't mean the work is done! Our post-concert think sheet will get your students reflecting on their own performance, what went well and why, other student performances they enjoyed, and so much more!


Why is the Post-Concert Reflection Important?


The performance can be so nerve wracking that often students don't event remember what happened. Making time to think back on that experience will allow them to see how much they have improved over time.


Often the goal is the performance, but what happens once it is over? Having your students write down what they did well and what they want to improve on will give them more goals to work towards.


One of the best parts of a concert to getting to listen to other students perform, especially when younger students listen to older students. This gives them something to work towards and  motivation to keep practicing!

Get Your Post-Concert Think Sheet!

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