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Is this you?

You're out there doing your music teacher thing...

You know, students lined up back to back or HUGE ensemble classes in school teaching and organizing all the things like...






You see these other teachers doing things like...



music theory

music history

and other activities in their lessons and classes, and you think they must be some kind of...

magical music teacher unicorn







because coming up with those activities takes

Music Unicorn (2).png
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You have the best intentions to work theory, history, world music, games and activities into your plans, but you always seem to not feel...

Creative Enough

Inspired Enough

Motivated Enough

You wish one of those

magical music teacher unicorns

would create those activities, games, or assignments for you.

Music Unicorn (4).png
Music Unicorn (3).png

Enter magical music teacher unicorns...

I'm Katherine, and my team (Laura and Nathalie...aka KE Creative) and I have created a resource JUST for you!

We combined our knowledge of elementary music education (hello, Orff Schulwerk), middle and high school music education (we've taught ALL the sectionals), higher education (yeah, 10 degrees between the 3 of us), and our out-of-the-box thinking to create a resource for music teachers that outlines easy, fun, and educational activities that mixes up the usual routine or lessons or rehearsals. 

From music theory to world music and beyond, this resource provides music teachers with fast, sometimes hilarious activities to build great relationships with students while also teaching them something new.

Music Unicorn (4).png

The Music Teacher Monthly is made up of 96 different activities for your lessons or classroom.

Each collection contains creative activities that teach subjects such as music theory, history, world music, and team building.

There are different activities for...

  • private lessons with variations for online lessons

  • sectional coaching or large ensemble classes

  • studio/class bonding games or crafts

  • printables

MTM bundles page graphic.png

Once upon a time...

We provided these activities every month through an email newsletter.

Each edition contained activities for lessons, sectionals, group bonding, and printable materials for students and were typically based on seasonal or holiday themes.

In order to serve our community better by focusing on new projects, we stopped creating this newsletter.

And now, we're happy to make these wonderful activities available for everyone!

Check them out!

Private Lesson Activities
Are you looking to spice up your individual lesson content? Or, are you looking for new ways to go above and beyond in providing educational opportunities for all members and levels within your studio? If so, check out these fun and varied lesson activities that will engage your students beyond your weekly meetings!
This compilation of lesson activities will jazz up your one-on-one time with students and give you fresh ideas to break up the occasional monotony of a “fundamentals–etudes–repertoire” lesson structure that can sometimes take over without us teachers even realizing it.
Incorporate these fun and thought-provoking theory, history, and skill-building activities into your weekly, monthly, or quarterly lesson plans for a chance to challenge your students beyond the basic requirements for lessons.


Examples From Inside...

Instrumental Sectional Activities 
As private music teachers, we often find ourselves in front of a group of young musicians who have varying needs and levels of proficiency or motivation. It’s great to break up a sectional, group lesson, or ensemble class with some quick activities that get everyone engaged and involved in learning.
These sectional activities are easy to implement with very little prep and in a short amount of time. They will only enhance your original lesson planning around ensemble music and seating audition requirements regardless of individual students’ playing levels.
From themed rhythm games to physical warm ups, to games with small props or those that make scales practice more fun, there’s a sectional activity that will suit many needs and keep it interesting for everyone!


Examples From Inside...

Music Lesson Printables
As private teachers, we love getting to know our students, learning about their interests, and seeing what really lights them up. We also love exposing them to new things they may have never heard of before!

Raise your hand if you have any one of these kinds of students:
🎷 The one who can’t wait to join their college marching band after high school (Roll Tide!)
☘️ The one who doesn’t even know they love traditional Irish music yet
🌟 The one who is OBSESSED with movie music (Star Wars, anyone?)
🥳  The one who has never been exposed to holidays like the Lunar New Year, Nowruz, or Juneteenth
💌 The one who loves to hear juicy gossip about classical music composers and their lives (ahh, unrequited love!)
🤘 The one who loves anything jazz, pop, or Rock ‘n’ Roll
For most private music teachers, there are never enough hours in the day. You want to provide the most well-rounded musical education to each of your students, but sometimes, it’s tough to fit in those music theory and history lessons.

Try these Music Teacher Monthly Printables on for size! Each topic provides a learning opportunity, a chance for further discussion about a piece or genre of music, and a way to learn how to listen and talk about music from different cultures and eras.


Examples From Inside...

Music Student Bonding Activities

What makes your students stick with individual lessons? And how can you continue to foster those great relationships and grow morale in your studio?
Building community is the name of the game and these studio bonding activities provide SO many opportunities to invite your students to collaborate, learn through shared experiences, and have FUN all at the same time!
Maybe you have a few students who are always motivated and self-sufficient, and maybe you have a few who prefer working in groups to getting all that individual attention in lessons. You may even have some adult students who are looking for community and a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves.
Whether you hold a weekly studio class or throw some totally awesome beginning- and end-of-year studio gatherings, select from this wide array of bonding activities to reinforce musical concepts and show people that when they stick around, they’ll surely have a great time! These activities will inspire, excite, and bring everyone a little closer together.


Examples From Inside...

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Here's how to buy...


Private Lesson Activities Only
$27 for a limited time


Instrumental Music Sectional  Activities Only
$27 for a limited time


Music Lesson Printables Only
$27 for a limited time


Music Student Bonding Activities Only
$27 for a limited time

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Or, if you want them all, you can buy 3 and get 1 free!

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All 4 Activity Bundles
Buy 3, get 1 free!
$81 for a limited time

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