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Is this you?

You're out there doing your music teacher thing.

You know, students lined up back to back or huge ensemble classes in school prepping for auditions, teaching scales, fundamentals, repertoire, sightreading. 

You see these other teachers doing things like games, crafts, music theory and history activities in their lessons and classes, and you think they must be some

magical music teacher unicorn

because coming up with those activities takes so much time!

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You're really good at what you do. You have happy students who enjoy learning about music. You keep up with invoices, recital and concert scheduling, class trips, and your taxes but you feel like your lessons or classes could be more...






but you're not sure how to manage it.

Working on Laptop
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You have the best intentions to work theory, history, world music, games and activities into your plans, but you always seem to not feel...

Creative enough

Inspired enough

Motivated enough

You wish one of those

magical music teacher unicorns

would create those activities, games, or assignments for you and just deliver them to you every month.

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Enter magical music teacher unicorns...

I'm Katherine, and my team (Laura and Anamarie...aka KE Creative) and I have created a resource JUST for you!

We combined our knowledge of elementary music education (hello, Orff Schulwerk), middle and high school music education (we've taught ALL the sectionals), higher education (yeah, 10 degrees between the 3 of us), and our out-of-the-box thinking to create a resource for music teachers that outlines easy, fun, and educational activities that mixes up the usual routine or lessons or rehearsals. 

From music theory to world music and beyond, this resource delivered monthly provides music teachers with fast, sometimes hilarious activities to build great relationships with students while also teaching them something new.



Music Teachers Monthly Logo (Facebook Cover) (2).png
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Music Teacher Monthly is a subscription email newsletter delivered on the 15th of each month.

Each edition contains creative activities that teach subjects such as music theory, history, world music, and team building.

There are different activities for...

  • private lessons with variations for online lessons

  • sectional coaching or large ensemble classes

  • studio/class bonding games or crafts

  • printables

The current December edition includes...


Lesson Activity


I love reviewing ornamentation in December with students. So thematic! This month’s ornamentation activity includes a handy printable with lots of common ornaments students will encounter in their music.


Ensemble Activity

Co-play Holiday Edition!!

The rest of the band or orchestra will be wondering what the heck you guys are doing when they hear laughter coming from the instrument storage room or wherever you teach sectionals. This month, I have a simple yet effective activity based on easy holiday melodies to help students learn how to be great section mates!


Bonding/Craft Activity

Holiday Party!

If you’ve never had a studio holiday party, now is the time! I’ve included some of my students’ favorite activities and games that we’ve done in the past.



The Nutcracker

Students will listen and learn about this classic ballet so the next time they hear it out and about, they’ll be able to show off their musical knowledge!

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