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How many of these sound familiar?

The word "marketing" gives you the heebie jeebies.

You think marketing means you have to be pushy or bossy.

Whenever you take steps to recruit or promote, your imposter syndrome creeps in and stops you in your tracks.

You think your idea is great but you think other people won't like it.

You're too worried about what other people's opinions will be about it, so you decide it's not worth it.

Are you nodding your head?

(Thought so.)

I've noticed 2 things about music teachers and marketing...

Thing 1...

There is an overwhelming desire for music teachers to make positive change through music in the lives of young people.

Thing 2...

There is so much self-doubt, lack of education about marketing, and overwhelm that music teachers stop in their tracks when building a studio because nervousness and self doubt often exceed their desire to teach.

Image by Stefan Grage

I'm tired of amazing humans not being able to impact students through music because of all of these barriers around marketing...

So, I decided to do something about it...


Marketing for Music Teachers Logo.png

An online mini-course that provides the ESSENTIAL marketing knowledge that all music teachers need to grow and build their studios.


8 Hours worth of video training
Fillable pdfs

Look at what's inside...

Here's the powerful thing you need to understand about the Marketing for Music Teachers Masterclass...

When you have these marketing skills, recruiting new students becomes a

The techniques in this masterclass are the same techniques that I use EVERY DAY on social media, on the phone, via text message, when I talk to people in person, and when I send emails, and I have a CONSTANT WAITING LIST.

Here's a Breakdown of Everything You'll Get TODAY
if you take advantage of this offer!

#1 Marketing 101

Everything you were never taught in school about marketing.

  • Understanding Terminology - The vocab class you never thought you needed

  • Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean and Why It's Important - How to create what we call a “blue ocean”, and set yourself apart from every other person in your niche so you don’t even have to worry about competitors

  • Pain Points and Client Hacking - You have to know how your clients think before you can recruit them

#2 Website Wizardry

Learn how to build a website that attracts your dream students to you.

  • Site Structure Skeleton - Pages, headers, and subheads, oh my! Learn exactly how to use website elements to your advantage

  • ​​Words Matter - How to NOT write like a musician

  • Storytelling Photos and Videos - How to show your genius visually

  • ​The "But What if I want to Use My Site for Performing Too" Problem and Solution

#3 Email Decoded

Email writing is an art.
If you're not getting replies, this module is for you.

  • What Email is ACTUALLY Useful For - You may be surprised

  • The Perfect Email Template Explained - The essential sections to include in your emails

  • The Follow Up Email Equation - No replies? No problem

#4 The Social Media Formula

You CAN recruit new students online, but only if you do it like this...

  • How to Use Your Profile to Recruit - No, you don't have to have a separate studio page to recruit. Your personal profile is POWERFUL.

  • The Perfect Email Template Explained - The essential sections to include in your emails

  • The Follow Up Email Equation - No replies? No problem

#5 Speak So They'll Listen

How to Build Relationships

  • Speak So They'll Listen - Uncover how to become memorable and sought after just from having conversations

  • The Perfect Phone Call Framework - Hate talking on the phone? Learn my framework for how to make talking on the phone get instant the full script.

The Marketing for Music Teachers Masterclass will help you make anything you offer (lessons, group lessons, masterclasses, online programs) irresistible AND will fill in the holes of your marketing education (or lack thereof).

And, as you can probably see above, getting access to the full Marketing For Music Teachers Masterclass is like having me sit next to you and teach you the best marketing strategies for music teachers.

So, are you excited for the Marketing For Music Teachers Masterclass yet!?



8 hours of Training!

($897 Value)

  • Session #1 - Marketing 101                                      

  • Session #2 -  Website Wizardry

  • Session #3 -  Email Decoded

  • Session #4 - The Social Media Formula

  • Session #5 - Speak So They'll Listen Training

​BONUS: ​Insider Interviews  

($497 Value)

Ever wanted to know what public school music teachers think about working with private music teachers?

How about other private music teachers and their recruiting journeys?

Inside the masterclass, you'll have access to 5 different interviews.


Public school music teachers share their experiences working with private music teachers and private music teachers share their tried and true recruiting methods.




You don't want to miss this special opportunity!

Snag this deal before it's gone.

Anchor 1

You may be thinking...

"Hold up. What does this lady know that I can't find out on the Internet for myself?"

True. You could spend the rest of your Thanksgiving vacation scouring the Internet for freebies about marketing that are NOT written by music teachers.


You could get Marketing for Music Teachers which is specifically FOR music teachers BY a music teacher.


My name is Katherine Emeneth, and I'm a music teacher. I've taught privately for 15 years and have built studios in 3 different regions of the country. I've invested THOUSANDS of dollars in marketing coaching, business education, and THOUSANDS of hours perfecting my skills.

And now, I weeded out all the non-essential stuff and put my most useful ideas and topics together just for you.

Let's be real...
You're a music teacher. You don't have time to dig around on the Internet hoping to find a single nugget of marketing genius. I've put it all together for you here.

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