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Let us show you how to make a profitablesustainable, and FUN career doing what you love.








Sound too good to be true? 

Looking for ideas to spice up your teaching?

Terrified about starting a private lessons studio?

An ambitious teaching looking for ways to increase your income?

Are you a music teacher...

In a new city and need to get established?

Interested in learning more about the business side of teaching?

With a great idea but unsure how to get it off the ground?

Are you a musician...

Hi There!

My name is Katherine.

I'm a musician who has always been a teacher, and I figured out a way to make teaching private music lessons a dream job for myself and others.

While working towards my doctorate in flute performance, I built a  private flute studio to "practice" my teaching skills before landing the "dream job" as a full time flute professor. This was the third new studio I had built, so I was already a seasoned professional. After countless applications and interviews for higher ed positions, guess what happened.

No glory job.

Sound familiar?

Then, I woke up. 

I realized I already had everything I wanted: I was teaching flute, playing flute, making a HIGHER INCOME than I would teaching at the university level, and I was my own boss. 

I taught myself all the business skills I needed to make my studio GO. I rolled up my sleeves and made the lesson experience for my students and myself unbelievable. And now, I'm here to teach you how to do it too.
If you're unhappy in your job as a private music lessons teacher or want to create your own studio, I'm here to help you!


Katherine Emeneth

Founder & Teacher Extraordinaire

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Laura Zabanal

Communication & Copy Whiz

Hi Everyone!

My name is Laura, and I’m so excited to be here. Making music and collaborating with others brings me so much joy. I’ve been playing the flute for a few decades, and I’ve added everything from piccolo to crumhorn along the way. I’m [a bit of] a nerd, so I spent a long time in school studying French, learning to write like a musicologist, and playing oh-so-much flute music.


I was ready for that sweet career in academia after finishing my doctorate. When it didn’t happen right away, I really started doubting whether I could “make it” in music. I persisted and slowly but surely, things started happening: I established a small private studio, taught music theory at the college level, worked with beginning flutists at a non-profit music program, sold tickets for a major orchestra, volunteered for a flute organization, and traveled to conventions as a flute company representative. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I had really tapped into my own entrepreneurial spirit.


My life looks a lot different now in a (semi) post-pandemic world. I won a job with an Army band and can now do push-ups and play the fife—just not at the same time! I live in Arlington, VA with my husband and sassy cat, Theo. I love running and biking , drinking tea, exploring new places, and making puns whenever possible.


Being involved with KE Creative is an amazing opportunity. Katherine and Nathalie are the REAL deal! My vision for KE Creative is that it will bring people together, help individuals find their voices, and compel people to become their own version of a smashing success in the music industry. If my experiences have taught me anything, it’s that it’s never too early or late to become who you want to be.


My name is Nathalie Simper and I’m a flute professor, instructor, and performer in Knoxville, TN at the foot of the Smoky Mountains. I always knew I would be a musician, and the year my brother gave me his hand-me-down flute for Christmas I knew the flute would always be a part of my voice in the world.

I did all the right things and went to all the right schools – performing arts middle and high schools, got my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music performance, opened a private music studio while taking orchestral auditions, and landed a teaching job at a local college. After struggling and trying to figure things out on my own, I finally decided to invest in myself and shift my perspective about being a classical entrepreneur during the COVID pandemic. I learned to see myself as a business owner, embraced the non-musical things about being a classical musician, and stretched my comfort zone to include my fellow musicians and teachers in my community.

Several years later I have a full private studio, continue to perform with local orchestras, and tour around with one of my best friends in a flute-piano duo (TraverSura Duo). I use my successful AND failed experiences to create a safe space for flute students to be themselves and use the structure of classical music training to grow confident human beings. I love sharing my student wins with my husband who is the best flute dad around. My fur children Chewy and Grimm are my studio’s official mascots and therapy dogs, and they’ve sat in on enough flute lessons to play around the block themselves!

Joining KE Creative is literally a dream I’ve worked toward without realizing it. As someone who always thought there were only two sides to the classical music coin, it’s refreshing to see musicians helping musicians expand the definition of classical musicianship to celebrate our differences and strengths. We’re always told we can be anything we want when we grow up, and I’m so excited to be a part of a team that helps musicians find out what “anything” means to them!

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Nathalie Simper

Brainstorming & Organizational Queen

How can we help you?


Music Teachers

I'm a private music teacher who needs help building, marketing, and sustaining my studio.



I'm a musician who feels stuck or unsure in my career and needs a boost in the right direction.


I'm a university music professor interested in having KE Creative speak to my students.

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Katherine and her course are AMAZING.

The topics covered are well structured and relevant. This course gave me the push I needed to complete the things I had either been putting off or had no idea how to do. Katherine went over the top to make sure I was getting what I needed out of the course. Thanks to her, I have a renewed energy for teaching and tons of new ideas on how to run my studio. I can now quickly turn casual inquiries into new students, reach out to band directors more easily, and create a community in my studio. The course exceeded my expectations, and its benefits are invaluable.

Victoria Williams

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